Our Story

At Toolio, we’re on a mission to help retailers navigate the complex, competitive and ever-changing retail landscape so they can deliver what their customers want, when and where they want it.

Through modern technology, a customer-obsessed team and a community focused on delivering content and resources to retail planners and merchants,  our goal is to make rocket science retailing easy and accessible to retailers and teams of all shapes and sizes.

Toolio is a cloud-based Merchandising Platform that automates critical workflows, provides real-time insights, and enables remote collaboration, empowering retailers to make faster, data-driven decisions about their most important (and expensive) asset—inventory.

Who We Are

Toolio is a global operation with headquarters in NYC, offices in Istanbul and customers across the US and UK. We’re a team of retail industry experts who have worked at Walmart, NetSuite, Facebook, Microsoft, and McKinsey, accumulating decades of experience. Our engineering teams match this operational expertise with deep experience in building intuitive, data-driven technology. Toolio is supported by some of the smartest minds in retail and tech from top VCs to Stanford professors, and retail industry executives.

How We Got Here

Our founders, Eytan and Berk, are serial entrepreneurs who have worked together for almost 10 years. Their previous company, Stylr, was acquired by Walmart Labs in 2014. Over a successful 5 year tenure at Walmart, they led teams that delivered groundbreaking technologies including Sam’s Club Scan & Go and Walmart Pay, both of which reach millions of users and process billions of dollars each year. During this time, Eytan and Berk observed how the tools used by planners and merchants were years behind the technology built for consumers and other retail disciplines. So, they set out on a mission to change this by building a modern merchandising platform, Toolio.

Our Core Values

Customer Centric:

We want to build tools that our customers cannot live without. To do this, we strive to understand and be responsive to their needs with a solutions oriented mindset.

Can Do:

Toolions will ALWAYS fight against the odds. It’s in our DNA as a startup. If we don’t know something, we find the answer. We are comfortable “working in the grey” and adapting as things change or new information arises.

We like the challenge, we bet on ourselves, and we believe we can do it!


From data to decision making across the company to interpersonal relationships, being open and direct drives our day to day interactions. We ensure we are proactively documenting how our departments operate so that anyone can can step in and easily understand or quickly get the information they need to move forward.

Team Player:

We will only thrive if we all work together. Every Toolion has a role and contributes to this. Let’s work together and see this 🚀 take off.


We are a young growing company with room for improvement. Don’t hesitate to call out errors or suggest changes that stand to propel us forward. We love to see Toolions take the initiative while pushing themselves and the business to new levels.

Toolions are smart about how to get the most out of an investment. Whether it’s an investment of time or money, we’re always asking if we can reduce the input or get more output. We invest in systems and processes to get outsized returns.

However, we don’t want these achievements to come at the expense of overall health and well-being. A rocket ship that loses its propulsion will fall back to earth. Therefore, Toolion’s need to manage the right balance of short term success with longevity because we want this company around for the long-run.

Our Investors

We’re backed by top VCs and angel investors