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Maximize your full-price sell through, utilizing AI/ML driven optimization of your available inventory across your supply chain.

Maximise your full-price sell through, utilizing AI/ML driven optimization of your available inventory across your supply chain.
Omni-channel inventory visibility

Omni-channel inventory visibility

Track your inventory, purchase orders and transfer orders by channel and location.

Reduce out of stocks

Reduce out of stocks

Maintain optimum inventory levels by location to ensure that your products are at the right place, at the right time.

Increase productivity

Increase productivity

Automate transfer orders generation to prevent manual errors and free up time for more strategic activities.

Accurate Store Level Demand Forecasts

Leverage AI / ML and statistical forecasting to anticipate demand SKU x Location level demand that incorporates new product launches, promotions and many other inputs.

Intelligent Transfer Order Suggestions

Generate transfer orders based on safety stock targets, replenishment frequency and presentation constraints.

Optimize Inventory Deployment

Our SKU rationing logic ensures that we optimize the placement of your inventory down to the last unit to maximize your sales and inventory turn.

End to End Planning

Plan inventory based on forecasted demand by location with the integration to the item planning module.

Turn-key Integrations

Save time and avoid costly errors by automating transfer order creation in your ERP directly from Toolio.

Store Manager View

Give visibility to your store managers so that they understand when they should expect replenishment by style.

Automated Store Clusters

Automatically create store clusters by product performance to drive initial allocation.

Store Capacity Constraints

Manage and respect store level capacity constraints to ensure each store receives what it can carry.

Minimum Display Quantities

Set minimum display quantities to ensure desired product presentation by store.


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