Merchandise Planning Software

View, understand and manage your merchandise financial plan and Open-to-Buy in one place.

View, understand and manage your merchandise financial plan and Open-to-Buy in one place.
Align merchandise plans to your strategic business objectives

Align merchandise plans to your strategic business objectives

Develop plans that meet your growth, profitability and cash flow targets. Seamlessly create top-down plans by channel, category and location.

Maintain dynamic open-to-buy plans

Maintain dynamic open-to-buy plans

Generate receipt plans to meet your inventory targets and gain visibility to chase opportunities as they arise.

Plan for the unexpected

Plan for the unexpected

Test and plan for different scenarios, analyze the financial impact of different outcomes and leverage in-season performance data to adjust your forecasts on the fly.

Centralized Plan and Actuals Data

Single source of truth for all your merchandise financial planning and reporting.


Seamless integrations to your commerce stack to automate actualizations. Save time and avoid costly errors.

Locking and Spreading

Streamline top-down, bottom-up, or middle-out planning by locking, spreading and inverse calculations.

Personalized Layouts

See your data how you want. Create custom views of your metrics, attributes and date ranges for different stakeholders and use cases.

Custom Metrics and Attributes

Define custom attributes and metrics to analyze your business through your unique KPIs.

Dynamic Hierarchy & Aggregation

Roll-up plans and actuals by any of your attributes. Change aggregations on the fly to see roll-ups by channel or by category.

Scenario Playing

Test, implement and track progress against multiple scenarios in a single view.

Plan Snapshots

Create plan snapshots to seamlessly compare your latest forecast to initial company goals.

Plan Seeding

Simplify plan creation by pulling in historical data, builds and ratios across any custom date range.


Start saving time, increasing productivity and growing your business through better merchandise planning.

Toolio enables retailers to streamline their merchandising operations and make faster, data-driven decisions.
Discover how implementing merchandise planning into your retail strategy can increase efficiency and take your planning strategy to the next level.
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