Item Planning

Item planning helps automate replenishment to prevent unexpected stock-outs and reduce cash tied up in inventory

Maintain optimal inventory levels across categories and channels

Make sure you have the right inventory, at the right place and time. Prevent unexpected out-of-stocks, while minimizing inventory risks and improving cash flow.

Increase buyer visibility and productivity

Make better purchasing decisions with real-time visibility into inventory levels, sales and purchase orders. Automate item-level inventory management. 

Ensure you have the inventory to achieve your business goals

Analyze historical data to intelligently manage item-level demand. Reconcile your bottom-up plans with your top-down sales, margin and inventory targets.

Turn-key Integrations

Integrate with your e-commerce Platform, ERP and 3PL systems to centralize sales, inventory and receipts data and get real-time visibility.

Merchandise Plan Integration

Reconcile item-level demand plans with your merchandise plan, to align top-down and bottom-up forecasts.

Purchase Order Generation

Save time and avoid costly errors by raising purchase orders directly from Toolio.

Item Attribute Analysis

Slice and dice your items by color, style or silhouette to quickly identify best and worst performers.

Personalized KPIs

Customize your layout to see the data that matters most.

Supplier View

Negotiate with vendors more effectively by accurately projecting sales, inventory and receipts by supplier.

Granular Inventory Controls

Set safety stock, lead time and minimum order quantities at SKU, style or supplier level.

Item Level Demand Planning

Manage demand effectively and efficiently by analyzing historical data, setting targets and tracking performance in one place.

Automated Purchase Order Reminders

Receive notifications to create new purchase orders in order to meet desired service levels.


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Start saving time, increasing productivity and growing your business through better merchandise planning.

Toolio enables retailers to streamline their merchandising operations and make faster, data-driven decisions.

Discover how implementing merchandise planning into your retail strategy can increase efficiency and take your planning strategy to the next level.
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